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Featured: Gideon De Kock

Gideon De Kock (@gideondk1) is a Hong Kong based street photographer originally from Cape Town, South Africa. We are excited to share just some of his work this week. Hop over to his page to see even more of his work in Hong Kong, we had a hard time narrowing down to just 5 images from his amazingly diverse and colourful work.

Gideon De Kock

“Hong Kong got me into photography. I left South Africa with a musical background and eventually arrived in Hong Kong still musically minded. I was gifted a point ‘n shoot film camera as a birthday gift by one of my first friends in Hong Kong. I was introduced to a world of film here that was still quite alive and fell into the cycle of exploring, shooting, scan & development, & digitally uploading my work, quite quickly. Coming from South Africa, I wanted to lean into the freedom of movement and safety that Hong Kong afforded me.

I’d describe my work as observational and meditative. Though I had photography in my periphery growing up, it took me to start shooting photos to even begin considering visual aesthetics & considerations. So for a large chunk of time my learnings were very personal, hence the “meditative” description. There is an attempt to recontextualize the subject matter, to really live amongst the people & objects, & to have these images mirror my own journey of lessons whilst being alive. I hope the anchor is that there is “honest” representation in my work, and perhaps some fun & thought-provoking angles, shapes, themes, moods, and tones.

Gideon De Kock

I really like shooting portraits & I love object studies. The latter akin to found installation art. It’s always fun to blend elements of high and low together, & to question what is “beautiful” or “worthy” of adoration.”

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